2016 AgrochemBIZ Show - SEA
        Date: 6th-7th December, 2016
        Venue:  JS Luwansa Hotel Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

        Exhibitors: Agrochemicals Suppliers
        Visitors: Agrochemicals Buyers

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About the Show:

The agriculture is the pillar industry in Indonesia, it has evidenced by the agricultural GDP accounted 20% of the aggregate GDP expected to reach beyond US$ 1 trillion in 2014, ranking it as the largest economy in Southeast Asia by far. Agricultural sector is very important for Indonesian economy and mployed around 49 million Indonesians (41% of total Indonesian work force).

2016 AgrochemBIZ Show Indonesia will be hold during 6th-7th December, 2016, in Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia. We invite global agrochemical companies including Indonesia and SE Asia buyers to develop this market.

We are inviting agrochemical companies from China, India, SE Asia, USA, Latin America to exhibit during this show, and welcome the industry players including manufacturers, formulators, importers & exporters, traders and distributors in Indonesia and Neighboring countries to communicate with the world famous agrochemicals suppliers face to face, and some officials from different agrochemicals management organizations will also be invited to make presentations on registration, market and industry dynamics and policies in their different countries. Once we receive their application, we might provide partial travel support to some buyers after evaluation.
 Free for registration to be a buyer
● Enjoy Free lunches and coffee break services during the show days
● Get one nice Electronic Gift for each buyer
● Having the opportunity to win prize of iPhone6S Mobile Phone in lucky draw activity, who will be the lucky one? Let's expect!


Monday, 5th December
- Registration & Booth Set Up

Tuesday, 6th December
- Opening Ceremony
- Keynote Speech about Pesticides Registration in Indonesia
- Trade Show

Wednesday, 7th December
- Trade Show


1. Buyers online registration is FREE;
2. Exhibitors registration is completed after the payment is finished.
    Please contact lina.li@targetex.com.cn for the Booth fee details.

Buyers List

  • Name: Ms. Marcia Nilasari Wibowo
    Title: Head of Sulawesi Branch
    Company: CV. Saprotan Utama
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Mr. Awan Rusdi
    Title: Business Development Manager
    Company: PT Agricon
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Mr. Natarajan Murugadass
    Title: President Director
    Company: PT. Excel Meg Indo
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Mr. Asrofi Asrofi
    Title: Marketing Manager
    Company: Sentra Tani Sejahtera PT
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Ms. Elsa Soon
    Title: International Business Manager
    Company: Farmcochem Sdn Bhd
    Country: Malaysia
  • Name: Mr. Deni  Rasidin
    Title: Director Operation
    Company: PT. Syahraya Indonesia
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Mr. Andi Lubis
    Title: Managing Director
    Company: PT.Dilatika
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Haris Pratama Putra
    Title: President
    Company: PT. Kemika Karya Pratama
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Mr. Raya Tambunan
    Title: Procurement Lead
    Company: PT. Universal Inti Pacific Development
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Mr. Fazlillah Rusdi
    Title: Director/CEO/General Manager
    Company: CV. Diana Phon
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Mr. Feri Yuspan
    Title: Manager
    Company: PT. Winas Guna Mustika
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Mr. Ronald Dharmawan
    Title: Director
    Company: PT. Imperial Multi Mandiri
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Mr. Wira Zaini
    Title: Manager
    Company: PT. Sumber Makmur Agroindo
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Mr. Sudradjat Yusuf
    Title: Director
    Company: PT. Tritama Wirakarsa
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Mr. Toto Pratikto
    Title: Commerical Manager
    Company: PT. Inti Everspring Indonisia
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Ms. Cindy Sulaiman
    Title: Commerical Executive
    Company: PT. Inti Everspring Indonisia
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Mr. Ade Rusamsi
    Title: Product Development Section Head
    Company: PT. Inti Everspring Indonisia
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Mr. Ir. Andreas Budianto
    Title: Chairman
    Company: Sari Kresna Group
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Mr. Hendri Candra
    Title: Marketing Director
    Company: PT. Staris Chemicals
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Ms. Nuni Arifiah
    Title: Senior Sales
    Company: PT. Staris Chemicals
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Ms. Mery Kathryn Panjaitan
    Title: Manager Ass.
    Company: STP
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Mr. Abdul  Gani
    Title: R & D Manager
    Company: PT. Trida Kimia sakti
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Ketut Adi Wibawa
    Title: Director
    Company: PT. Indo Global Trade
    Country: Indonesia
  • Name: Mr. Noor Baidurzaman
    Title: Manager
    Company: NBZ Trading
    Country: Malaysia
  • Name: Mr. Iman Santosa
    Title: Director
    Company: PT.Chemigard
    Country: Indonesia

Co-Organizer in Indonesia
Indonesian CropCare Association
Mr. Joko Suwondo
WA: 0811 9783131
Email: joko.suwondo@rabanagroup.com

China Office
Manufacturers and Traders League of Agrochemical
Ms. Lina LI, Event Manager
Email: lina@agrochemchina.org
Room 616, Licheng District, No.8 Sijiqing Road, Beijing, China